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10 British Festive Films to Watch This Christmas 🎄

It’s almost Christmas! Here at Proline, we have created a list of British festive films to get you through till the big day 🎅🎁

Ellen Sanders

- 3 min read

Nothing gets us in the mood for Christmas quite like a good Christmas film – and fortunately, Britian has made some great ones. Below we have gathered a list of our favourites. If you need us, we’ll be snuggled on the sofa with some mince pies!


1. Click & Collect (2018)

Highly-strung Andrew Benett (Stephen Merchant) fails to buy his daughter’s main Christmas present – Sparklehoof the Unicorn Princes. He is rescued by his neighbour, emotionally needy, over-friendly, Christmas obsessed Dev D’Cruz (Asim Chaudhry). Who has managed to buy perhaps the last Sparklehoof in the UK – by click and collect. Unfortunately, it is located 270 miles away in Carlisle, so Andrew and Dev embark on Christmas Eve Road trip in an attempt to save Andrew’s daughter’s Christmas!


2. The Man Who Invented Christmas (2017)

In 1800s London, author Charles Dickens (Dan Stevens) finds himself in financial trouble after writing three failed novels in a row. Desperate for a big hit, Dickens relies on real-life inspiration and his impressive imagination to bring Ebenezer Scrooge, Tiny Tim, and other classic characters to life in ‘a Christmas Carol’, forever changing Christmas into the holiday we know today.


3. Father Christmas Is Back (2021)

Father Christmas is Back focuses on four sisters reuniting for Christmas in a Yorkshire mansion. Misunderstandings lead to the unearthing of the long-buried secret that tore the family apart many years ago. Starring John Cleese, Elizabeth Hurley, and Kris Marshall, this light-hearted comedy is perfect to watch this Christmas.


4. This is Christmas (2022)

This romantic comedy follows Emma and Adam who both commute in silence to London every day. One day, Adam invites the whole train carriage of regular commuters to hold their own Christmas party. This Christmas films stars Kaya Scodelario, Alfred Enoch, Timothy Spall & Ben Miller, it is available to watch on Amazon Prime.


5. The Snowman (1982)

This Christmas classic follows a young boy named James, who after a heavy night of snowfall builds a large snowman. At the stroke of midnight, he sneaks downstairs to find the snowman has magically come to life. James and the snowman go on an adventure through his house and the woods before the snowman and James take flight. They fly over the UK, before eventually landing in a snow-covered forest to meet Father Christmas.


6. The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

The muppets perform the classic Dickens Christmas tale, with Kermit the Frog playing Bob Cratchit, the overburdened clerk of miserly Ebenezer Scrooge (Michael Caine). Other Muppets – Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo and Sam the Eagle – weave in and out of the story, while Scrooge receives visits from three spirits – the past, present, and future, in the hopes they will show him the error of his ways.


7. Your Christmas or Mine? (2022)

Young student couple James and Hayley both say goodbye for Christmas at a London train station, however they both make the same mad split-second decision to swap trains and surprise each other, essentially trading Christmases!


8. A Boy Called Christmas (2021)

This festive film centres on an ordinary young boy called Nikolas who sets out on an adventure into the snowy north in search of his father who is on a quest to discover the renowned village of the elves, Elfhelm. Taking with him a wilful reindeer named Blitzen and a loyal pet mouse, Nikolas soon meets his destiny.


9. Nativity (2009)

This first instalment in the Nativity series tells the story of Paul (Martin Freeman) a primary school teacher, who is asked to produce the year’s nativity play. Hilarity ensures when Paul lies to his opponent that a Hollywood producer will be turning the play into a movie. A great Christmas family film!


10. Get Santa (2014)

When nine-year-old Tom (Kit Connor) discovers that Santa Claus (Jim Broadbent) has crashed his sleigh into his parents shed he attempts to get his dad (Rafe Spall) to help him get Santa home to Lapland in time for Christmas. There is just one big problem, Santa’s reindeer have escaped and are running loose through the streets of London. The cast also includes Warwick Davis, Jodie Whitaker and Nonso Anozie.


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Ellen Sanders

- 3 min read

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