PL-Ultimate G2 Workstation

Purpose built for all industries

• Extreme high performance
• Exceptionally designed
• Empower your workflow
• Engineered to be quiet



The Intel® Xeon® W-3300 processors are optimized for advanced workstation professionals in a single socket solution. These processors are designed specifically for the heavily threaded, I/O intensive workloads found in the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry. These workloads are the fastest they’ve ever been. Powerful and scalable, this ultimate workstation has power in abundance.

Intel® 3rd Generation Xeon® W-33xx

38 Cores | 4.0GHz Boost


3200MHz | High Frequency ECC



The ultimate workstation needs the latest in graphics architecture. Extreme graphics performance made possible with Nvidia’s incredible RTX series GPUs. Multiple RTX 3080s and the insane RTX 3090 deliver unrivaled GPU horsepower. Don’t compromise your workflow.

RTX 3080

8,704 Cuda Cores | 1.71GHz Boost Clock


760.3 GB/s Bandwidth | 29.7 TFLOPS



Designed from the ground up to bring the latest and fastest components to the desktop, in a quiet and stylish form factor. Each component carefully selected to meet the rigorous demands of today’s creative professionals. Engineered with user expandability in mind – additional storage and add-in card expansion is easily done. Professionals are pushing their limits and working more efficiently than ever – with Proline.

Optimised for this software


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