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Tips & Tricks used in post production that make you jump!👻


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It’s spooky season again. That time of year when the only thing on your mind is ‘What horror movie am I watching tonight?’... But what makes a good horror? Acting, editing, VFX? 

Let’s find out exactly what it is that has us at the edge of our seats…

Is it imagination or the ‘jump scare’ that frightens me?

This is one of the ultimate questions for the person in the friendship group who is easy to jump scare. Creating a jump scare is all about the surprise moment, the audience might think they know what is coming, they just don’t know exactly when. This tension and worry of the unknown makes it even more frightening!

Good tips to throw people off is to focus on something irrelevant to the jump scare then hit them when the time is right, misdirection is key for a good jump scare. It’s not just your imagination, you’re scared of what you don’t know!

You would require a high quality creative media pc to achieve horror movie jumpscares, like our PL-Media Workstation.

It’s all about the pacing & music

When it comes to editing and creating a horror film, pacing of the work is key. Finding the right pace to help create tension in a scene will help the audience to feel frightened as to what is about to happen.

Additionally, music is just as important to the horror genre as any other. Picking and editing the right tracks for the right scene is essential to a thrilling blockbuster. 

Finding the right rhythm

The rhythm of the film sits beside the pacing. Making decisions such as longer scenes without dialogue or intense screaming and shouting for big moments will always change the rhythm of the film. Physical action is just as important as a film score.

Horror assets and overlays

Here at Proline, we know assets and overlays are important in finalising the project. Whether it be fog overlays, title creation and other post-editing effects you need to create. 

We recommend our Media Workstation. This editing workstation features Intels i9 10th Generation processors . Ideal for exporting video of HD and 4K resolutions. Coupled with our own system architecture and super quiet chassis, you have yourself the ultimate video editing workstation. You can also discover our other ranges of workstations here.


You can learn more about why workstations are the best choice if you desire the latest tech here and if you want some more spooky film advice check out Premium Beat.

To place an order for your business or to discuss with one of our experts then check out our Contact Us page where we can help you find your desired workstations. 


- 2 min read

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