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Explore the PL Rendering Workstation

Rendering professionals have a very specific set of needs when it comes to a workstation. In this blog, Chief Technologist James Lupton walks us through the process of designing the PL Rendering workstation.

James Lupton

- 2 min read

Imagine a system built exclusively to run your chosen 3D rendering software seamlessly. But what does a high-performance workstation built for rendering professionals require? Let us delve into a system that could transform your workflow.

The Idea

The Proline Render Workstation has been designed from the inside out to improve client’s workflow whilst they use key rendering software. As rendering workloads are a blend of heavy rendering and simulation, we knew we needed to create a system that would crush complex compute-intensive scenes in record time. Allowing rendering professionals to create intricate scenes and iterate on designs faster than ever before…

We began by researching the software used by rendering professionals. We analysed the following software: Redshift, V-ray, Octane Render, Arnold, Unreal Engine, Cinema 4D, Premiere Pro, After Effects & Adobe Creative Cloud. We then embarked upon a journey to test components that would maximize performance with no slow down.


The CPU is the powerhouse of this system, as 3D Rendering requires power in abundance. That is why we chose to utilise the Intel® Core™ i9-10980XE - this 18-core powerhouse reaches 4.7GHz and offers a great combination of core count and frequency to render frames, alongside our choice of G.Skill 256GB low-latency RAM to feed rendering data.



A rendering professional requires powerful graphics. To achieve blistering rendering performance, we spoke to our partners at Nvidia. Nvidia are the leading performance GPU manufacturer - there are two ranges: Nvidia’s GeForce RTX and Nvidia’s Quadro RTX. For professional rendering workloads, we recommend the Quadro range of GPUs, as they come with an extended warranty, premium support, and are dedicated drivers for professional workloads - allowing you to be confident in our systems.



High-performance, high-capacity NVMe SSDs have been a major breakthrough for many industries. Working across multiple projects at once has become the norm across most industries, rendering included. It was paramount that the PL Render could handle this seamlessly, therefore we selected 1TB M.2 NVMe for the OS and a second 2TB M.2 NVMe for your project data. These SSDs ensure that rendering large scenes and managing heavy simulation workloads is smooth and fast.


Are you ready to transform your workflow?

We have taken all these aspects above into consideration and chosen the components best suited to rendering professionals’ workload, then integrated them into a workstation that is powerful in every way, stylish in design, and quiet in operation. Allowing our clients to push their limits and work more efficiently than ever before.

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James Lupton

- 2 min read

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