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Graphic Design Trends for 2023 🖌

As we enter 2023, we can anticipate a number of different graphic design trends will emerge. The world of graphic design is constantly growing and evolving, and many designers are forever looking for new ways to express themselves. In this article, we will take a look at a variety of popular graphic design trends predicted to be big in 2023 🎨

Ellen Sanders

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Distorted Typography

Warped and stretched letters may be one of 2023’s quirkiest font trends. The Distorted Typography trend gives traditional fonts a twist. Letters and numbers that knot, spin, dissolve, melt or fade into designs are fast prompting viewers to take a step back and have a second look. Using Distorted Typography can give your designs a sense of fractured reality and add another dimension to what conventional text would be.

There is a large range of existing distorted fonts for ready-made twisted and knotted type. Find some available here or experiment with distorting traditional font by stretching and fading letterforms.

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Natural Textures and Patterns

2023 will see the trend of Natural Textures and Patterns continue. This can be seen in the popularity of crumpled paper textures, stone, water, and wood textures, as well as other organic patterns. This trend will likely continue throughout the year as designers seek to create more organic and earthy designs.

Many designers are increasingly using natural forms and shapes to create designs that feel more organic. This trend can also be combined with other trends, such as nostalgic references and hand-drawn features to create fresh and relaxed designs.

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Delicate Doodles

The world of graphic design is seeing the Delicate Doodles trend become increasingly popular. Doodles can be a great way to add personal touches to designs, as well as a good way to convey messages clearly.

Delicate Doodles can be used for everything in designs from creating fun and interesting drawings to illustrating intricate concepts. This trend is perfect for designers who want to add a human touch to their creations and a relaxed feel to their designs.  

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Tonal and Sensual Colours

As we move further into 2023 design is starting to move away from the pastel colours of the early 2020s and the bright neon’s of the 2010s, we’re starting to see a more interesting and sophisticated year for colour in the form of Tonal and Sensual Colours.

This trend encourages designers to explore colour with more creativity and openness. Inspired by 1930s palettes, cobalt blue, deep crimson, burnt orange and mustard tones allow colour to do the talking in designs. The new rich colour palette of 2023 is more refined, tonal, and elegant than previous years.

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Liquid Gradients

Loose forms and molten texture, Liquid Gradients are the newest way to give a spin on the long-term gradient colour trend. Whether silky or slippery, liquid gradients feel more modern than their perfectly balanced predecessors and seamlessly take designs from static to animated. These creative colour effects can give immediate interest to designs, backgrounds, and packaging, why not give branding and websites a sci-fi spin by using this trend?

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Organic Shapes

Organic shapes will continue to be popular throughout 2023. The Organic Shapes trend is perfect for designers who want their designs to have a natural look and feel. Often used to create logos and branding assets, the possibilities are endless on how Organic Shapes can be incorporated into designs.

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Flared Fonts

2023 will see designers on the hunt for typefaces that have a point of difference. Flared Serifs are the next step-up from Serifs, merging the cleanliness of the conventional with quirky character. A kicked-out ligature could give shape and character to packaging headlines, magazine, and websites, as well as logo designs.

Flared Fonts can be a great way to portray a friendly and joyful mood, making them a perfect fit for family branding or children’s products, whilst maintaining a refined feel.

Images are referenced below.

Grain, Noise and Texture

The use of grain, noise and texture in graphic design is something we are starting to see more of in 2023. This trend is all about adding another layer of dimensionality and depth to a design. Many designers are adding grain or a paper texture to their creations to make their designs look like they were drawn on physical paper. Grain, Noise and Texture can be used in design to give a vintage or old-fashioned look, whilst still retaining a modern feel.

Images are referenced below.

Vivid Nostalgia

We will see many references to more traditional media in 2023. With the world becoming increasingly digitized, we will see a trend of designs that reference retro style media such as newspapers, books, and magazines. These quirky and cheerful designs will be frequently popping up online and will be recognized for their fun, genuine, and often hand-drawn aesthetic.

Images are referenced below.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shapes will be another big trend in 2023. Fresh and minimalistic designs will give off a professional and contemporary look, that will be popular with both consumers and businesses, especially those that wish to convey an air of dependability with their branding. Geometric Shapes will also be popular in logos and other branding assets. Why not have some fun with Geometric Shapes and add them to your designs?

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Ellen Sanders

- 5 min read

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