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How is UK Production Changing?

While UK production ground to a halt at the beginning of the pandemic in spring 2020, a number of industry agreements over safety and supportive measures from the Government enabled production to restart from Autumn 2020, with production growth continuously accelerating into the final end of 2022 and beyond. Read on to discover how the UK’s production growth is changing…

Ellen Sanders

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A new forecast from ScreenSkills on film and high-end TV (HETV) production growth and skills has predicted that UK film and HETV production is estimated to be worth between £7.07 billion and £7.66 billion by 2025 (an increase from the current £5.64 billion). This large growth has also meant that a predicted 15,130 to 20,770 additional crew will be needed to meet this demand. Training this new workforce as well as existing crew will require an annual investment of £95.1 million to £104.3 million. However, the estimated economic return is predicted to be more than 15 times the cost of the training investment. Nonetheless, to support the industry, substantial investments need to be made annually, along with investments rolling out nationwide.

London and beyond

London is often seen as the hub of the UK’s media industry, with many big film and HETV production companies establishing their headquarters there. One significant production studio, Ealing Studios, based in London, are planning to celebrate their 120th anniversary by building a state of the art 14,000 square foot stage, 35,000 square feet of additional offices, as well as 10,000 square feet of new state-of-the-art workshops. This new development has qualified under the Net Zero Carbon Scheme by using heat pumps and photovoltaic renewable technologies, meaning it achieves 100% reduction in regulated carbon emissions. This new development places Ealing Studios at the forefront of film and HETV production, creating a great example of how growth is impacting the industry and the advancements required to keep up with the increasing demand.

In today’s world we are seeing more and more popular films and shows being filmed and produced outside of London such as ‘Peaky Blinders’ and ‘Outlander’, among others, proving that the ability to shoot and produce such successful productions is more than possible outside of the capital. Recently, Ashford Borough Council and Quinn Estates confirmed that full construction work for Ashford International Studios in Kent can begin in summer 2023. This landmark project, which was granted approval in Autumn 2020, is set to deliver £250 million of investment and approximately 2,000 jobs for the region, as well as supplying new purpose to almost 40,000 m2 of Grade II listed building and surrounding former railway land, left empty since the 1980s. With developments such as this outside the capital predicted to make a big splash in the industry, we may see many more to come.

Closer to home…

Here in Bristol, the home of Proline, the amount of filming increased by 10% in 2021/22 generating £20.8m for the local economy; the highest figure in a decade. With popular shows such as ‘The Outlaws’, ‘Chloe', ‘Showtrial' and ‘The Girl Before’ filmed in the city, Bristol has become a popular place for all things film and television.

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To learn more about Ealing Studio’s new development please look here and to learn more about Ashford International Studios please look here.


Ellen Sanders

- 2 min read

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