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Meet our Proline Channel Manager - Shiten Patel

In this interview with Shiten Patel, we learn more about Shiten, how he got to where he is today & his role at Proline by Exacta.


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Tell us a bit about yourself Shiten.

Growing up I loved to fix things, I often surprised myself with the patience and success I had. However, I didn’t always succeed, as my father would attest to with a closet of dismantled items that I couldn’t put back together again. I was pretty geeky at school, when many of my friends were going BBC Micro and Sinclair Spectrum, I was into Atari and Apple, that world fascinated me.

Not long out of university, I set up my own company distributing memory and CPU acceleration products into the UK specifically for the early Apple Mac computers. It set me up for a career in computing and technology, I’ve loved the sectors I’ve been able to work within and for some really ambitious companies.


How did you start working with Proline by Exacta?

Coming to Exacta Technologies was via a somewhat random route, I was recommended to Nick Rogers, CEO of Exacta for a new project.  To create a reseller channel structure for their newest range of high-performance workstations and server systems called Proline by Exacta.  I was impressed with Exacta Technologies and what they were doing in the Fintech sector with Blackcore by Exacta and for software ISV’s with Platform by Exacta. Nick’s openness about Exacta’s journey was refreshing.


What do you enjoy most about your work at Proline?

With Proline, I saw how much effort and attention all the teams had put into ensuring performance, application optimisation and branding - something I’d also seen over the many years I worked within the media, creative and broadcast sectors with Apple. 

So here I am, loving the challenge of creating something that didn’t exist before, with an incredible team and fantastic products. Long may it continue!



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