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Rendering PCs for businesses: What makes the best rendering Workstations/PCs?

Discover what makes the best PCs and workstations for rendering workloads. With our handy guide on Proline. Featuring fast processors and the latest GPU's, start rendering now.


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Finding the best workstation for your rendering PCs can be a challenging task with endless amounts of research. We’ve tried to make it easy for you thanks to our range of Proline Workstations. They’re designed for high performance, meaning renders for your CAD designs/ 3D Modelling load swiftly so you can get on with the important stuff. 

We know having a high-performance rendering workstation is important and we work closely with our partners such as Intel, Nvidia and AMD to ensure we use the latest technology and best hardware to create the best rendering PCs possible. From the latest CPUs, high amounts of RAM and hard drive storage as well as the latest and fastest graphics cards, all of these components matter if you want to spend less time loading screens and more time creating your incredible work.

What Proline Workstation do you recommend for rendering?

We highly recommend our specific PL-Rendering Workstation to help with your 3D Modelling tasks. With a super sleek design and ultra high performance, you can guarantee to speed up your workload with our rendering workstation.

Featuring an Intel™ Core i9 Extreme processor, our rendering PCs will help you get that toughest of programmes and files to load with ease, meaning you can get back to the important things and stop hanging around loading screens.

Featuring a graphics card such as the incredible and mighty Nvidia RTX 3080, you can be confident that your renders will look gorgeous and photorealistic, you’ll be challenging yourself further thanks to its incredible capabilities.

If you’re still undecided, you can learn more about why workstations are the best choice if you desire the latest tech here. If you want to place an order or discuss with one of our experts then check out our Contact Us page where we can help you get set up with a high performance render workstation today.


- 1 min read

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