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Support Packages at Proline

When purchasing a high-performance workstation the first thing a client asks is 'What support do we receive?' Here at Proline, we have got your company covered. Read on to learn about our support packages and services offered.


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Here at Proline, we know how important ongoing support is to our clients, we deliver a range of services to ensure our clients are never left without great hardware. 

Read on to learn about the different types of support and service packages we offer to our clients. 



We offer a flexible range of warranty packages which can be tailored to suit our client's needs. These packages scale from the standard 'Return to Base' up to 'Three Years of Onsite Support - Next Business Day' and beyond. Bespoke service level agreements can be arranged for the discerning client.​

At the Exacta Technologies Group, we service the entire globe. We have Proline Systems, Platform Hardware & Blackcore Systems deployed all around the world. From UK based post-production houses to over 26 Data Centres Worldwide.​ We always deliver experienced and professional support. 


Experienced & Professional Support

In the rare event of a technical fault/failure of a system (server & workstation), we have an experienced friendly team on hand that will ensure the problem is dealt with quickly and effectively.​ 

Every member of the Exacta Technologies Group support team is an experienced and passionate IT professional.  Who is well equipped to work with clients across an extensive range of industries. ​

We uphold very strict response and resolution times for all our engineers. Whether you are looking for onsite engineers or a global replacement service, we have the support package to suit.​


Testing & Quality Control​

“Prevention is the best cure” is an idiom Exacta lives by. That is why we use the best components on the market inside our products and test them rigorously prior to shipping. ​

Every system built at Exacta Technologies is subject to 20 hours of rigorous performance and stress testing prior to despatch. This ensures all components are functioning optimally and within expected thermal envelopes.​


Talk to your Account Manager today to learn more about the options available. 

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