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What are GPU Servers?


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To put it simply, GPU servers are packed with graphics cards which are designed to process all the power your company needs to get their workload done in a timely manner.

GPU Servers are incredible machines as they have been purposefully designed for 2D and 3D calculations, rendering 3D Graphics, Machine Learning, Video Encoding and Streaming. GPUs typically have slower core speeds than CPUs, but for high graphical performance and can run thousands of cores at the same time. This means that GPU servers offer a different type of power than your standard CPU servers.

Why would my company purchase GPU Servers?

When computers need to perform high graphical tasks and applications, they will utilise the separate GPUs to handle the power as opposed to your core processors. Offloading to the GPU can free up space of the CPU to do other tasks across a business such as designing, creating scenes and more.

We recommend post production houses use GPU servers to deal with those graphically intense applications. Book a call with our team to discuss options. Contact us here.

Should my company invest in GPU Servers?

We highly recommend our specific PL 8 Way GPU Server. Featuring high-powered processors and 8 GPU’s to help your business achieve their goals and deadlines through effective and efficient processing power. These servers are custom-built to help those who work on high-rendering tasks on a daily basis. These systems are also ideal for those in the media and entertainment industries.


If you’re still undecided, you can learn more about why Proline is the best choice here. Additionally, if you want to learn more about what GPU servers do then we’d recommend reading this guide

If you want to place an order or discuss with one of our experts then check out our Contact Us page where we can help you get set up with a high performance system today.


- 1 min read

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