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Your questions, answered by the Proline technical team.


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Q1: What makes Proline different to other Workstations?

A1: Technical Expertise, Support & Flexibility. Proline is part of the Exacta Technologies Group, our years of expertise and knowledge of proven processes allows us to build innovative, state of the art high performance workstations. We are an agile business who caters for our clients individually to ensure we deliver exactly what you require.

Q2: What are Prolines support packages?

A2: Here at Proline, we know how important ongoing support is to our clients, we deliver a range of services to ensure minimal downtime. “Prevention is the best cure” is an idiom Exacta lives by. That is why we use the best components on the market inside our products and test them rigorously prior to shipping. We offer a flexible range of warranties; experienced and professional support please see our options here.

Q3: How do we set up our Proline Workstations?

A3: All our systems are delivered pre-configured. However,  the Proline support team are available to troubleshoot any issues and assist in any way we can.

Q4: How do we choose the best Proline Workstation?

A4: Proline workstations are high end and aimed at professionals working in post-production houses and creative media companies. We use the best components on the market to build powerful, workload crushing systems. These systems are nothing like your average PC.

The Proline range has been designed to suit specific sectors and software applications; therefore, we look to tailor the hardware and optimise components best suited to the workload. The PL Range of Workstations & Servers can be customised around CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, expansion, connectivity and more. Our flexibility when being aware of the intended use ensures we build the best workstation for the workload and the professional.

Q5: How do I become a Proline Reseller?

A5: We are always on the lookout for specialised reseller partners so if your company wishes to become a Proline Reseller, please contact our Channel Sales Manager Shiten Patel, who will walk you through our channel program. 


If you have any further questions for team Proline, you can reach out to us on LinkedIn or email us at 



- 1 min read

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