The Client - Boeing Defence UK (BDUK), is a subsidiary of The Boeing Company. Employing more than 1,400 people, it supports major UK programmes such as Apache, Chinook, C-17 and P-8A. BDUK is comprised of four business units including MOD Services, training, government services and advanced programmes.

Boeing User Case and Specification

This was for Boeing Defence UK to provide a synthetic simulation and training solution for the MOD project known as Gladiator or GCS&S. The GCS&S solution uses customised COTS simulation software from MAK, to deliver the enhanced simulation solution. High-fidelity flight and electronic warfare models will be integrated into VR-Forces by MAK and Antycip partner, RTDynamics. VR-Forces, VR-Vantage, and VR-Engage will become the GCS&S Common Computer Generated Forces, Common Image Generator, and Common Role Players, and will be the primary tools to support the exercise preparation and execution of DOTC(A) exercises.

The mix between live and synthetic flying training has been a hot topic within the military aviation fraternity for some while now. The arguments for synthetic training (ST) have been well-rehearsed: the reduced cost per training hour of a simulator as compared with live flying; the environmental benefits, in terms of both fuel and noise; and the improved longevity of an aircraft fleet resulting from reduced flying hours, fatigue consumption and attrition. To these, more recently, have been added some operational considerations.


Business Challenge

Upon meeting with Boeing our priority was to understand their exact requirements for the Generic Exercise Management Station (GEMS), as time was an important factor, we needed to be clear on specification, as Boeing required the systems for such a specific use. Also the specification of the workstations was needed to be such that any additional workstations need, meant that they would be all the same specification. Once the specification was agreed we began designing a workstation which would meet the strict requirements for being located within their customer’s sites. Another really important factor was that Boeing needed them quickly.

The Proline Workstation’s excel…

The specification and pricing were submitted in the form of a tender. We were delighted to hear we had been selected for the Boeing project, in the middle of a global pandemic. Our next challenge was delivering the initial 54 workstations in a timely fashion and building them to the highest standards with continuity in mind. Our production team pulled out the stops and delivered just that. Using the Proline workstation to deliver what was required met all of Boeings requirements.

Built with the latest technology

The specifications were delivered using Intel’s 10th Gen i9 CPU, NVMe storage, superfast RAM, NVIDIA Graphics, super quiet PSU and fans, Windows 10 Software, and hardware optimisation to run the software in the most efficient way. With 6 years of onsite warranty, as we believe in the quality and longevity of these workstations.


Message from our CEO

‘We were so delighted in being awarded this contract and just shows the competitive edge in which Proline gives our customers, to think these workstations are at the heart of a multimillion-pound flight simulator to train the RAF’s top fighter pilots is truly amazing and we are truly grateful in Boeing giving us the opportunity to bid and also for them to award us with the order.’

Nick Rogers – Exacta Technologies Group - CEO

“After selecting Proline by Exacta for this contract, we were eager to get our hands on the workstations to do our first test run on them with the initial simulation software builds. In selecting a new vendor, we are always worried that they may not deliver in the time frames and hardware is not up to scratch, however, we were not disappointed, and Proline delivered! The GEMS workstations supplied by Exacta, run the simulation software with ease. They meet both the computing power and the GPU performance, as well as being silent to allow up to 40 personnel to be trained within the same exercise room. Both Post and Presales support was great. The workstations were custom built and delivered well within our requested timescales (even with 1-hour delivery slot!), ensuring that we were able to continue the rapid rollout of this part of the project. We are really satisfied with what Proline delivered and continue to purchase additional GEMS as we expand the GCS&S infrastructure.”

Giles Ogram - BDUK - Infrastructure Technical Lead Engineer

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